Introducing our Winter Warm Up Collection

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 2/5/19


Your winter is about to get a whole lot warmer! Cold weather is no match for our new Limited Edition Winter Warm Up Collection. Formulated especially for snacks, these seasonings turn up the heat and deliver the spiciness consumers crave.

Sweet meets heat with our Dulce de Leche Type Chipotle Snack Seasoning. Sprinkle it on sweet potato chips for sweet heat perfection.

Our Fiery Five Pepper Snack Seasoning offers an addictive heat. It brings balanced heat with dairy notes that will liven up snacks like popcorn, puffs, and veggie straws.

Pair our Habanero Ranch Snack Seasoning with tortilla chips, and you may just find yourself eating the whole bag. The alluring heat of habaneros pairs perfectly with creamy ranch for a spicy and satisfying snack.

Adventurous eaters, this one’s for you. At 22,300 Scoville Units, our Ghost Pepper BBQ Snack Seasoning is daringly hot.

The hotness of a pepper is often measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The range of pepper heat reflected by a Scoville score is from 100 or less (sweet peppers) to over 3 million (Pepper X). While there are many variations to the Scoville scale, factors influencing the heat of a fresh pepper include growing temperature, hours of sunlight, moisture, soil chemistry, and the type and amount of fertilizer used. The heat of dried peppers is equally dependent upon all of these factors plus the conditions under which it was dried.
Our Winter Warm Up Collection brings on the heat, with big bold flavor. Check out our Scoville scale below to see where the hot & spicy seasonings in this collection rank!

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Want to try one of these delicious seasonings? Email Rebekah Wicke at to request samples.

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2019 Trends at a Glance

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 1/8/19

AdobeStock 198532451 1

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the start of a new year. But it’s not necessarily the parties or the champagne or even the resolutions we may or may not keep that get us most excited for this time of year. You know what thrills us the most? Trend reports galore! Here at Fuchs, we watch food and flavor trends all year long using numerous market research sources, but around this time of year, we work tirelessly on analyzing data and interpreting it for our customers so they can get a better grasp on what trends will be dominating the coming year.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be tracking closely in 2019:

  1. AdobeStock 112431221Pantry Apothecary – the rise of functional ingredients and using foods to address specific health and wellness concerns.
    •  Buzzwords to watch for: turmeric, matcha, ginger, probiotics, detoxifying, digestive health, activated charcoal, seeds
  2. The Push for Plant-Based – among the top trends for 2018, this isn’t showing any sign of slowing down in 2019
  3. Technology Takeover – from robots delivering your food to social media’s role in the purchasing process, as technology advances, the way we interact with food and food companies will evolve
  4. Authenticity Through & Through – consumers want an authentic eating experience; they want to know where their food comes from a supply chain perspective and they also want to know the story behind whatever it is they’re eating
  5. AdobeStock 132131643Cannabis & Hemp Infusion – hemp seeds are everywhere now, and cannabis-infused products are on the rise as well
  6. Gen Z’s influence – for the past few years, Millennials have been on everyone’s radar, but as Gen Z begins to enter adulthood, they’ll be taking center stage soon. Keep in mind that this generation values equality, diversity, and transparency.
  7. Trending Ethnic Cuisines – we all know that the demand for authentic ethnic cuisine has grown substantially in the past few years. Which ethnic cuisines will see substantial increases in 2019? We’re thinking Filipino, Taiwanese, Turkish, Moroccan and Yemeni, to name a few.
  8. Trendy ingredients – among the ingredients we’re most paying attention to in 2019 are unique peppers, florals and botanicals, and seeds

Want our full 2019 macro and flavor trends report? Contact

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Introducing our Cafe Classics Collection of Organic Seasonings

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 12/18/18


Among the trends that dominated 2018 was the rise in coffeehouse inspired flavors. From green tea to cappuccinos, favorite café beverage flavors popped up on everything from snacks to dairy to desserts and cookies. We, too, were particularly inspired by these flavors, so we launched our first organic collection of seasonings, the Café Classics Collection. These limited edition seasonings are not only trendy, but also incredibly versatile. Keep reading to learn more about these four yummy seasonings.

Maple Cappuccino Oatmeal Seasoning. Nothing says fall quite like a hot bowl of oatmeal. With its perfect balance of maple and creamy coffee, this seasoning is fall in a jar. Mix it in with a touch of oatmeal, and you’re golden.

OrangeScone7Orange Cardamom Scone Seasoning. Ever since Food Scientist Alyssa Chircus crafted these scones, we’ve found ourselves craving it for breakfast. Vibrant oranges pair perfectly with cardamom for our take on a coffeehouse favorite.

Coffee Meat Rub. Coffee meets black pepper for a truly delightful meat rub. Try it on pork or chicken – you won’t be disappointed in this savory flavor profile.

GingerMatcha7Matcha Ginger Snack Seasoning. Popcorn is okay plain, but a sprinkle of this seasoning can turn it into a totally addictive snack. Sweet matcha is particularly trendy now too, not only as a café inspired flavor, but also as a “functional” ingredient.

Want to try one of these delicious seasonings? Email Rebekah Wicke at to request samples.

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All About Seeds

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 9/11/18

AdobeStock 106897340

Seeds are taking over! With health and wellness trends top of mind these days, if you peruse the aisles of a grocery store, you’re bound to notice seeds of all sorts in a variety of products. Flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and sesame seeds have all seen substantial growth in both foodservice and retail. Often touted as a good source of fiber or protein, it’s no surprise that the inclusion of seeds in everyday food products has attracted customers looking for foods with function and potential health benefits.

AdobeStock 133569760At first, seeds were trending primarily as a snack in and of itself, with seasoned sunflower and pumpkin seed products seeing a major boost. The rise of “better-for-you” snacking has led to rapid growth in non-potato chip snack categories, especially those that are perceived to be lighter and healthier, like ready-to-eat popcorn and veggie straws. In the past couple of years, among the fastest growing segments in the salty snack category, however, has been seeds and nuts.

AdobeStock 187906185Now, seeds are rapidly expanding into other categories as an inclusion in food products. Given their versatility – seeds can be included in products that are sweet or savory, spicy or sour, indulgent or simple – it’s pretty easy to find a place for them in a wide range of products. Breakfast items, like granola bars and protein shakes, are now featuring chia, while flaxseed has been finding a home in the cracker and salad dressing categories. The innovation with seeds doesn’t stop there, though; we expect to see seeds continue to grow across categories, especially as health and wellness concerns continue to grow more widespread.

AdobeStock 216761303What’s next for seeds? Think a Matcha & Mixed Seed blend for fish, or a Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Seed topping for baked goods. A Shichimi Togarashi with black and white sesame seeds in jerky or on crackers.

At Fuchs North America, not only can we season seeds, but we can make seasonings with seeds. Our marketing trend experts and skilled R&D team can help you develop the perfect seed and seasoning blend for your products. Contact us today to learn more!


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Breaking Down the Functional Ingredient Trend

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 9/5/18

AdobeStock 156201782

We all know that Millennials have high expectations for food products; a product needs to offer some sort of experience, take them on an adventure, taste amazing, AND look enviable on their Instagram. Not only that, but they want their food to function for them – and they want to know how. Food isn’t just fuel for Millennials; it’s an opportunity to receive desired health benefits. For that reason, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for “functional ingredients” – food ingredients that offer some sort of health and wellness value.

AdobeStock 159040816Perhaps one of the trendiest functional ingredients these days is activated charcoal, which is being sought after for its potential detoxifying properties. If you’ve seen black ice cream, lemonade, lattes, or pizza crust on restaurant menus or social media, you’ve witnessed this trend in action. It’s made from burnt coconut shells or bamboo and gives food products a striking black or dark gray appearance. While it changes the color of the food product and claims to help flush toxins out of the body, it doesn’t add much, if anything, by way of flavor. There’s also been a lot of controversy as to whether or not activated charcoal in food items is actually detoxifying. Nonetheless, it has become one of the most sought over functional ingredient in the past year or so.

AdobeStock 159418926Another popular functional ingredient? Matcha. Like activated charcoal, matcha is believed to have detoxifying properties, and is also perceived to have a slew of other health properties, as it is high in antioxidants. In addition to its potential health properties, match is also in-line with Asian flavor trends and beverage inspired flavors. We’ve been seeing an influx of requests for seasonings featuring this bold, sweet flavor as functional ingredients have grown trendier. Matcha adds a bright green pop of color to products like popcorn, baked goods, and cocktails.

AdobeStock 175138803Turmeric, too, adds a pop of color to food products like snacks, baked goods and sauces, giving them a yellow appearance. This spice has witnessed major growth over the past year and half, and it is frequently touted for its potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Many products featuring turmeric claim that it supports digestive health. Turmeric has long been a key ingredient in many Asian curries, giving them their bright yellow hue. Therefore, given the rise in popularity of ethnic cuisines and curries, it isn’t surprising that consumers have become more familiar turmeric. Outside of curries though, turmeric is now being added to beverages, like coffee and tea, crackers, baked goods, and snacks, as a “functional ingredient.”

In addition to these popular functional ingredients, botanicals, mushrooms, and “superfoods” are all being sought after for their potential health benefits. Consumers are seeking out these specific ingredients to try to address specific health problems. And, given that many of these items are trendy for other reasons – like their Instagram-worthiness or ethnic origins – this trend won’t be going away anytime soon.

Our marketing and regulatory teams can help you make sense of health and wellness trends and what makes sense for your products. Contact us today.

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