Special Seasoning Collections

A Fuchs Exclusive!

As part of our ever-expanding portfolio of solutions for customers, we’ve developed special collections – each one including a variety of distinctive Fuchs seasonings, mixes and rubs based on an overarching theme or type of cuisine.

In these special collections, we celebrate all sorts of flavors and foods – from regional, ethnic and national cuisines to special food categories like barbecue.

We’ve even developed collections specifically for categories like quick-serve menu items and food truck fare.

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Developing Projects without Genetically Modified Organisms

With growing consumer interest in healthy ingredients and the desire for transparency pertaining to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products, Fuchs North America has responded by making non-GMO ingredient options available to our customers.

We have a thorough understanding of complex GMO issues, and our team of highly experienced R&D scientists can deliver custom seasoning solutions that will meet your requirements.

Non-GMO Project

We’re also familiar with non-GMO third-party certification requirements, including the Non-GMO Project (NGP). While we do not certify our products, we have successfully worked with many of our customers to develop a compliant seasoning for their final product.

We do this by:

  • Carrying a large inventory of non-GMO ingredient alternatives, including organic alternatives for high risk livestock products

  • Providing all of the documentation needed for the application process. This includes ingredient lists, process information, signed variance forms and other required materials

Contact us to learn more about the wide range of non-GMO ingredient options we can provide. We'll help you formulate your next winning snack food offering!

The Latin Action Collection from Fuchs

paellaEnticing Latin foods are becoming all the rage today. And we’ve got a bead on all the latest Latin flavors that’ll be perfect for your next wining product offering!

You’ll thrill to the taste sensations of these 10 deliciously different seasonings, flavors and bases that celebrate the rich diversity of Latin Culinary traditions that stretch from the Iberian Peninsula to South America and beyond.

Introducing 10 irresistible items in the Latin Action Collection that are sure to tickle your taste buds:

Chimichurri Argentino

Our Chimichurri Argentino is a bright and vibrant sauce with aromatic garlic and flavorful herbs. It’s the perfect addition to liven up a grilled flank steak, chicken, seafood or even vegetables.

Chipotle Adobo Seasoning Blend

Our Chipotle Adobo Seasoning Blend is packed with smoky chipotle peppers, tomatoes, flavorful spices and just a touch of vinegar. Get ready to have your socks knocked off with this sauce!

Chorizo Sausage Seasoning

A beautiful blend of smoky and spicy peppers with aromatic spices, herbs and tantalizing garlic to easily season ground pork, beef, turkey and, our personal favorite, salmon!

Cracked Coriander & Green Chili Rub

Fragrant and aromatic coriander mingles with the mild heat and smokiness of green chilies and just a touch of lime to round it out. It pairs wonderfully with almost any protein as a rub, but also works wonders as a finish to sides and vegetables.

Elote Street Corn Snack Seasoning

Roasted corn with creamy cheese, robust chilies and zesty lime combine to create an authentic flavor to jazz up any of your favorite snacks.

Mayan Hot Chocolate

Sweet and creamy chocolate paired with aromatic spices and smoky peppers for an enticing beverage.

Spicy Guacamole Snack Seasoning

You’ll find this blend to be the perfect combination of creamy avocado, citrus, spices and chilies. Simply shake it on to any of your favorite snacks for a boost of flavor!

Tomatillo Seasoning Blend

Our Tomatillo Seasoning Blend is perfectly balanced with tomatillos, green chilies, citrus and herbs to help you create a range of flavorful sauces and dips.

Valencia Style Rice Seasoning Blend

A complex and aromatic blend that includes saffron, roasted garlic, smoked paprika and a touch of lemon for an authentic Spanish flavor. Simply add the seasoning to your favorite rice for a side dish that will steal the show!

Yucatán Chicken & Lime Soup Base

This soup is packed with the flavor of roasted chicken, bright citrus, savory tomatoes and garlic and just the right amount of heat from chilies.


The Celebrate Southeast Asia Collection from Fuchs

The world of Southeast Asia beckons with tales of exotic, far-off places – and cuisines that are equally surprising and delightful. Our Celebrate Southeast Asia Collection captures these tastes in all of their rich and wonderful varieties.

The items in our new collection include:

Malaysian Style Curry Laska Seasoning

malaysian curry laskaCurry Laska is a popular dish throughout Malaysian and is known for its rich, fragrant and spicy coconut milk base. Our organic-compliant version of this much-loved soup base combines savory roasted garlic and onion along with aromatic spices and citrus. Enjoy as plain Laska by serving with noodles and the soup, or add chicken, shrimp, bean sprout and fresh mint for a hearty fall meal.

Spicy Singapore Style Chili Seafood Seasoning

The inspiration behind this seasoning is Singapore’s Chili Crab, which originated in the 1950s by Madam Cher Yam Tian and Lim Choo Ngee to become one of the most popular and iconic dishes. It’s a seafood sauce that exhibits the same spicy, sweet and luxurious appeal.

Thai Style Gingered Butternut Squash Soup Base

thai gingered butternut squashInspired by Thai cuisine’s use of strongly perfumed spices and spicy edge, we’ve created a fall classic – with a twist. This multifaceted vegan soup fuses naturally rich and sweet butternut squash along with creamy coconut, complex and peppery ginger and finishes with bright citrus and herbal notes.

Vietnamese Meatball Seasoning

This meatball seasoning is reminiscent of Hanoi’s intriguing and forward-looking cuisine, with a multifarious of bold spices and fragrant herbs along with savory garlic and onion. Use this seasoning to create meatballs that are perfect for snacking right off the grill, in a Bahn Mi, tossed in a soup, or served with noodles.-

The Game Day Glory III Collection from Fuchs

Get ready for the Big Day with these sensational, super-easy recipes that will add real pizzazz to your party – thanks to the new Game Day Glory III seasoning collection from Fuchs!

The items in our new collection include:

Caramelized Onion & Roasted Garlic Dip Seasoning

Our blend of sweet and savory caramelized onions paired with punch of roasted garlic help you to create an appetizing dip for your guest with ease. 

Honey Sriracha Wing Rub

This blend of sweet honey with the kick of Sriracha along with savory garlic, onions and tomatoes is perfect for shaking on already cooked wings or using as marinade. Also goes great on pork chops, chicken filets, French fries or whatever else you would like to add a little sweet and spicy hit of flavor.

Chipotle Caramel Snack Seasoning

Smoky chipotle peppers with a touch of heat comes together with sweet and buttery caramel to create a fun topping for popcorn, roasted nuts, crackers or other snacks!

Chick-Chick Chili Soup Base

A combination of chickpea powder with cumin, smoky chilies, robust peppers and aromatic herbs will help you make a delicious and flavorful batch of chili in no time at all so you can be free to enjoy the game!