Taking Inspiration from the Islands

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 2/6/18

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Dreaming of warmer weather already? Yeah, so are we. Our upcoming Island Inspirations Collection will transport you to a tropical paradise, one bite at a time. We took inspiration from the foods and flavors of islands around the world, putting our twist on their classic cuisines and common ingredients. Caribbean, Filipino and Hawaiian foods and flavors have been trending recently, in part due to adventurous consumers with a curiosity about foods from faraway places. Let’s take a closer look at why these cuisines and foods are on the rise.

Tropical inspired flavors are a triple threat:
Hawaiian Burger81. They’re exotic, meeting consumers' demands for globally inspired flavors. Consumers are seeking out items that turn eating into an experience, and flavors inspired by other regions of the world do just that. They make eating an adventure, allowing consumers to get a feel for what other cultures are like, without having to leave their house.

2. The flavor profiles are in line with current trends. For example, Caribbean inspired flavors often times combine sweet elements with heat, which is popular with Millennials, but also has mainstream appeal. Spicy flavors have seen substantial growth in recent years, but lack mass appeal. By adding sweet elements with heat, a product can appeal to Millennials and non-Millennials alike.

3. They are also versatile, working in everything from snacks to proteins to dairy. Our upcoming Island Inspirations Collection, for example, includes a protein seasoning, two dairy seasonings and a snack seasoning.

AdobeStock 122411278Additionally, island cuisines typically have Latin and Asian influences, making them all the more relevant, due to recent ethnic flavor trends. Island foods and flavors also typically feature fruity flavors, like pineapple, lime and coconut, which sometimes give consumers the perceptions of health.

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