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Life can always use a little more flavor

Fuchs North America has a 75-year legacy as a leading provider of premium custom seasoning blends. We’ve perfected the art and science of delivering winning taste solutions. See how Fuchs can help you make something special!
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Our Commitment to You

In a competitive food market, you need to offer something unique, but you also need to get it to market quickly and reliably. Our innovative seasoning solutions, quick response times, deep expertise and customer-centric process are the perfect blend to bring to life your next share-worthy creation. Let's make something tasty together!

Looking for something specific?

Fuchs North America Unveils New "Ethnic Inspirations II Collection" of Seasonings and Flavors 

Complimentary samples of 10 new, innovative items are now being offered to food manufacturing and foodservice firms. 


December 15, 2014 — Fuchs North America, a leading provider of seasonings, flavor systems and taste solutions to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries, introduces its Ethnic Inspirations II Collection – a new line of 10 distinctive seasonings and rubs.

The new collection keys off of Fuchs’ original Ethnic Inspirations Collection.  Introduced in early 2014, that collection of ten seasonings and flavor bases proved to be a big hit with food manufacturers and foodservice firms.

The new offerings build on the popularity of those products.  Ethnic Inspirations II is a completely new selection of uniquely exciting flavors inspired by regional cuisines that span the globe – from Latin America and North Africa to South Asia and the Far East.

These items are also the starting point for developing unique signature product offerings for foodservice customers, as well as processed food products for the grocery and retail food segments.  

Among the items included in Fuchs’ new Ethnic Inspirations II Collection are the following:

•    Babi Panggang Seasoning
•    Bahia-Brazilian Churrascaria Rub
•    Cambodian Spice Blend
•    Copacabana Black Bean Seasoning
•    Korma Spice Blend
•    Laotian Larb Seasoning
•    Moroccan Harissa Rub
•    North African Adobo Seasoning
•    Nuoc Cham Seasoning
•    Panaji Pork Rub  

In introducing the collection, Ken Wuestenfeld, Fuchs’ vice president of sales, explained the strategy behind the offerings. 

These new profiles can be used on meats, in fully prepared meats, or in conjunction with what food manufacturers are doing to supply and support foodservice chain operations.  They can even serve as inspiration for surprising and unexpected new snack offerings.  We expect them to be popular options for product design specialists, or anyone else responsible for developing food items that really capture the attention of consumers.

According to Howard Cantor, Fuchs North America’s corporate research chef, the Ethnic Inspirations II Collection includes innovative inspirations for grilled meats, prepared foods and other dishes that build on complex and intriguing national cuisines from all over the globe.

“As the world becomes a smaller place, America’s taste palette is becoming more adventuresome,” Cantor observed.  “And why not?  The USA is this marvelous amalgamation of many people and cultures – not to mention Americans traveling and vacationing in all corners of the world.  It’s only natural that our tastes in food have become as wide-ranging as well.”  

Cantor notes that the items that make up the Ethnic Inspirations II Collection build on traditional elements of national cuisines – but they are unique new creations.

Consider our Latin American items in the collection.  Our Bahia-Brazilian Churrascaria Rub is a spicy, herbaceous concoction that really brings out the flavor of the meat,” Cantor states.  “Now that diners have become familiar with the churrascaria restaurants that have opened in this country, they crave those same tastes in prepared food items they can eat at home – not to mention in their own grilling.

“We’re also very excited about our new Copacabana Black Bean Seasoning.  It’s oniony, garlicky – and full of the fragrant herbs of the Caribbean.  This seasoning really dresses up black beans in a surprisingly new and unconventional way,” Cantor reported.

Indian and South Asian cuisine continues to grow in popularity in America.  Fuchs taps into this trend with two new items that offer all sorts of ways to bring the complex flavors of the sub-continent to the table.  “Our Korma Spice Blend and Panaji Pork Rub capture the heady combination of flavors for which this region of the world is so famous.  They’re the start of creating some truly memorable dishes,” Cantor contends.

Ethnic-Innovations-II-Collection---snack-imageThe Ethnic Inspirations II Collection also includes several items inspired by North African culinary traditions.  Moroccan Harissa Rub pares garlic and heavy cumin with the hearty black heat from smoked, roasted chilies for a truly memorable taste experience.  North African Adobo Seasoning is another hearty concoction inspired by this part of the globe, made from savory spices and chilies.

According to Patrick Laughlin, the strategy behind new collections like Ethnic Inspirations II is to help food manufacturers create exciting, novel items that build on the world’s diverse culinary traditions – but that are also unique in their own special way.

As Laughlin explained it, the process by which Fuchs develops new seasonings, mixes and flavors in the Ethnic Inspirations II Collection and other product offerings is a combination of science and art.

“It’s a continuing focus on evolving consumer taste preferences – but we also experiment with different flavor combinations,” Laughlin noted.  “The goal is to help our customer find new taste sensations – new food offerings that are distinctively different, not just ‘more of the same’.”

With each customer, Fuchs North America aims to go from concepts to manufacturing to delivery of an approved flavor as quickly as possible.  “Because we have a wide range of flavor bases at-the-ready, we can provide samples for immediate testing.  Then we customize and refine the flavor to attain just the right taste characteristics the customers is seeking,” Laughlin reported.  

Doing so can mean going from concept to delivery in a matter of a few weeks – or even just days.  “That kind of schedule is a huge benefit when customers are under tight product development timeframes.” Laughlin added.

For more information about Fuchs North America’s new Ethnic Inspirations II Collection and to request complimentary samples, e-mail your query to Rebekah Wicke at rwicke@fuchsna.com.

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