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Q&A with Mark Richardson, Quality Assurance Manager

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 2/14/17

Mark Richardson

Mark holds a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Memphis, and he has 25 years of experience in spice and seasoning quality and food safety. Mark has enjoyed over 10 years at Fuchs North America, where he manages all aspects of quality and food safety for our North American facilities.


Q: How does Fuchs' quality program work?
A: Our quality program is a three tiered program. The first tier involves Vendor Assurance and FSMA compliance, supplier qualifications, and food safety capabilities. Suppliers are approved by Quality, Regulatory, Procurement, and R&D, and supplier approval requires vendors to comply with our requirements. Once a vendor is approved, we monitor them continuously, based on each lot of material that we receive from them. We score them on the total number of incidents as well as the severity of those incidents. We also require annual GSFI third party audits.
The second tier is our in-process continuous improvement program. We monitor the consistency of the production process at each stage, recording errors and assigning root cause and corrective actions. The purpose is to continuously improve. The third tier involves measurement of customer complaints. Fuchs’ focus is proactive rather than reactive. The first two tiers are in place to make sure that there are little to no customer complaints. Fuchs has realized considerable improvement because of this program.
With our three tiered program in place, our goal is always to have perfect ingredients, have a perfect process in place, leading to perfect products, every time.

Q: What kinds of certifications does Fuchs have?
A: Our facilities are GFSI certified, SQF Level 2 through the NSF certifying body. Fuchs has International HACCP Alliance Certification, and we’ve been Organic Certified and NOP compliant since 2012.

Q: There’s been a lot of buzz about FSMA lately. Can you explain what it is and explain what Fuchs has done to prepare for the changes that will be going into effect?
A: FSMA is the Food Safety Modernization Act, and Fuchs is currently compliant with FSMA. We have 6 members of our Quality Department trained in FSMA FSPCA Preventive Controls. The next part of FSMA to be launched is the Foreign Supplier Verification Program. Fuchs’ Vendor Assurance Program already includes risked-based assessments based on ingredient categories.

Q: What is Fuchs' stance on sustainability?
A: The Fuchs Global Company is a committed partner toward sustainable practices. This includes our companywide recycling program, our energy efficient ETO chamber for spice processing, and monitoring of our facility air and greenhouse gas emissions.

Q: What would you like customers to know about Fuchs’ Quality Department?
A: Fuchs considers our Quality Department to be available as an asset for customers to contact regarding questions. Our team is available for consulting and technical questions regarding spices and seasonings. We want to be an additional resource, not just people who perform testing and analysis. We have a solid team of excellent people who add value to what we do.

Q: What's your favorite part of your role here at Fuchs?
A: My favorite part of my job is interacting with people and working together to solve problems.

To learn more about our Regulatory and Quality departments, click here.


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Q&A with Ashley Brooks, Regulatory Affairs Supervisor

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 12/20/16

Ashley Brooks

A native of Maryland, Ashley graduated with a degree in Chemistry from Stevenson University and has focused on food science, regulatory and quality assurance throughout her career. When Ashley first began working at Fuchs almost a decade ago, she worked in our Microbiological lab. She eventually became a Quality Assistant Supervisor and is now our Regulatory Affairs Supervisor, specializing in domestic and international regulations. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking plant-based recipes, spoiling her three cats, and playing tennis with her husband.


Q: What are the top regulatory concerns facing our customers right now?
A: Everyone is getting ready for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) to go into effect; that’s the biggest concern right now. We’re making sure that we have the documentation that our customers need, and we’re also working on getting documentation from our suppliers. Other major regulatory concerns include preparing for the Nutritional Facts Reform and the new Federal GMO Labeling Law.

Q: What trends are you seeing in terms of regulatory requests and concerns?
A: Sustainability is a trend we’ve been seeing. Clean label is becoming more prevalent; they don’t want anything artificial. There’s also definitely been a trend toward organic and non-GMO products, especially in the past 5 years. Our department provides all of the documentation our customers need for getting their products certified, so that they can make those claims.

Q: There’s been some confusion about what the differences are between organic certified and organic compliant, Non-GMO and Non-GMO Project Verified. Can you explain what the differences are?
A: Great question! So, organic certified means that at least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic by a USDA approved organization. The USDA runs the National Organic Program (NOP) which develops the standards as to what qualifies as organic. Organic compliant means that the product meets NOP’s requirements to be used in food products labeled as “organic” or “made with organic ingredients” although not certified organic in and of itself. 
When it comes to Non-GMO, there isn’t a law, just industry standards for what qualifies as Non-GMO. This will be changing soon with the announcement of a new Federal GMO Labeling Law. The Non-GMO Project, however, is an organization that has its own standards for what high risk ingredients are for GMOs and products need to meet their standards in order to be Non-GMO Project verified. We don’t get our own products verified, but we make them compliant so that our customers can have their products verified.

Q: What would you like our customers to know about our regulatory efforts?
A: I want them to know that we are happy to help in getting documentation in a timely manner. I want to emphasize that our customers should use our regulatory department. We’re always open for questions, and we really are here to be a resource for our customers. I pride myself in providing accurate information and timely information.

Q: What’s your favorite part about your role here at Fuchs?
A: I like that every day is different. I’m always continuing to learn new things!

To learn more about our Regulatory and Quality departments, click here.


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