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Fuchs North America has a 75-year legacy as a leading provider of premium custom seasoning blends. We’ve perfected the art and science of delivering winning taste solutions. See how Fuchs can help you make something special!
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Our Commitment to You

In a competitive food market, you need to offer something unique, but you also need to get it to market quickly and reliably. Our innovative seasoning solutions, quick response times, deep expertise and customer-centric process are the perfect blend to bring to life your next share-worthy creation. Let's make something tasty together!

Looking for something specific?

Christmas in July! 

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 7/17/18

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Okay, not really. But what better time to start talking about holiday and seasonal trends than now? As our customers begin planning their winter lineups and LTOs, we see an uptick in requests for holiday-themed items around this time of year. Besides your typical “pumpkin spice” and “peppermint,” what flavors are consumers craving during the holidays? Let’s take a look at some holiday flavor trends.

Beverage Inspiration

Hot beverage LTOs have almost become synonymous with the holidays. It started with pumpkin spice, but now extends to a whole slew of warm, sweet and cinnamony drinks. Popular holiday beverage flavors like peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte, and spiced cider translate particularly well to snacks, desserts and dairy. Pay attention to what the national coffee chains are offering as LTOs, as these beverages receive a lot of buzz, making them craveable and the flavors more recognizable to consumers.

Treats & Sweets

AdobeStock 69063334When you think of the holidays, a lot of the foods that come to mind are sweets. What better way to get consumers in the mood for the holidays than to offer flavors inspired by their favorite holiday sweets? Flavors like iced sugar cookie, gingerbread, red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, caramel apple and spice cake will get consumers in the holiday – and snacking – spirit. The holidays are usually a time when consumers view indulging as permissible, so these types of flavors may help them ditch their diets until after the New Year.

Comfort Food

Given that consumers tend to give themselves a bit of a free pass on indulging around the holidays, it is no surprise that comfort food flavors see a major spike around this time of year. Drawing on inspiration from home cooking, these flavors will begin to rise in popularity as fall rolls around. Warm, herby flavors typically begin picking up steam in the market around early September and continue to rise in popularity until after the holidays are over.

AdobeStock 105975959Don’t be surprised to see savory flavors inspired by dishes like pot roast, butternut squash soup, chili with cornbread, and chicken pot pie. Not only will dishes like these be offered on restaurant menus as LTOs, but they’ll also make appearances in frozen meals, canned soup, and even snacks at the grocery store.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

Whether you’re looking for seasoning options to make your products more appealing to health nuts or indulgent snackers, here at Fuchs, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about our market research, click or tap here.

Contact us today for customized Taste Trend research and more information about our custom seasoning solutions.

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Smoke & Fire

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 3/6/18

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Smoke is on fire! Smoked gouda. Fire roasted garlic. Smoky barbeque. Applewood smoked. If you take a look at some of the fastest growing flavor profiles, you’ll notice that a lot of them incorporate elements of smoke or fire. Why might that be? Perhaps due in part to the barbeque craze of recent years, consumers are seeking out products that feature a fire or smoked flavor. This trend isn’t limited to meats; vegetables, snacks, and even dairy have been taking on smoky and fiery flavors.

Smoke adds more complexity to a flavor, which is particularly appealing to millennials who are seeking out new and interesting flavors. Consumers are more adventurous now than ever and are constantly on the lookout for different foods and flavors. By adding a smoky element to a familiar flavor, like cheddar, for example, a product might generate new interest.

AdobeStock 66442999Consumers are also growing increasingly interested in food that tells a story. They like knowing the origins of their food and how it was prepared. In general, flavors that reference particular preparation methods, like roasting, smoking, charring, toasting and grilling, are all on the rise – not just in foodservice, but also in retail. There’s a lot more interest now from consumers in terms of knowing what techniques are being used in preparing their food, leading to more callouts to preparation methods on restaurant menus.

So what are our favorite smoke and fire infused flavors? Smoky maple with whiskey and apple, fire roasted garlic & caramelized onion, smoky bloody mary, and fire grilled poblano.

With smoke and fire, the options are limitless. At RCA 2018, Chef Elizabeth Lindemer will be showcasing some of her smoke and fire inspired creations, including campfire s’mores cupcakes and grilled shrimp with Mississippi comeback sauce. To find out more details about our booth at the RCA show, click here.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

Whether you’re looking for seasoning options to make your products more appealing to health nuts or indulgent snackers, here at Fuchs, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about our market research, click or tap here.

Contact us today for customized Taste Trend research and more information about our custom seasoning solutions.

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Countdown to Game Day

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 1/2/18

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The holiday season is all wrapped up, and everyone knows what that means... the countdown to game day has begun. Not only are football teams preparing for one of the biggest sporting events of the year, but consumers are preparing to bring their A-game on salty, savory and sweet snacks and appetizers for game day consumption. With just thirty-four days to go until the big game, consumers are on the hunt for creative, social media worthy and indulgent recipes and snacks to liven up their game day celebrations. Here are some of our favorite game day perfect items, featuring Fuchs’ seasonings:

PopcornChipotle Caramel PopcornSmoky chipotle peppers with a touch of heat comes together with sweet and buttery caramel to create a fun topping for popcorn, roasted nuts, crackers or other snacks!

Honey Sriracha WingsThis blend of sweet honey with the kick of Sriracha along with savory garlic, onions and tomatoes is perfect for shaking on already cooked wings or using as marinade. Also goes great on pork chops, chicken filets, French fries or whatever else you would like to add a little sweet and spicy hit of flavor.

DipCaramelized Onion & Roasted Garlic DipRoasted Garlic was among the top growth flavors in foodservice this year, so it made sense for us to incorporate it into this dip seasoning from our Game Day Glory III Collection, released in January.

Chick Chick ChiliAlso from Game Day III, our Chick Chick Chili Soup Base makes for a hearty and warm soup perfect for game day.


Interested in trying any of these? Request Samples Here. 


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Fuchs’ 2018 Flavor Trends at a Glance

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 12/12/17

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It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close and we’re already looking ahead to 2018 food and flavor trends. This year, it’s been particularly fascinating to see how our predicted 2017 trends ended up playing out in the marketplace. Let’s take a quick look back at what trends shaped 2017, and our predictions for 2018.

2017 Year in Review

AdobeStock 120667187Hot and spicy flavors ruled 2017, as Millennials sought out unique peppers, complex ethnic flavors, and flavors that turned eating into a challenge or experience, like Ghost Pepper. In terms of ethnic cuisine, African and Indian both saw major increases in popularity, as Mediterranean, Latin, and Southeast Asian flavors continued to show growth. Pickled and fermented flavors also continued to grow, especially due to perceptions of their potential health benefits, as well as consumers’ demand for sour flavors. Indulgent foods and flavors, especially comfort foods, saw an increase this year as well, due to the “treat yourself” mentality, much in opposition with the healthy food and flavor trends of recent years.

Looking Forward to 2018

There are already several trends shaping up to have a major impact on the food industry in 2018. Some familiar trends, too, will take new forms and introduce consumers to new ingredients and the cuisines of other regions of the world. We’re predicting the following to be among the most notable upcoming flavor trends of 2018:

Ethnic Interest

AdobeStock 57806362Over the past few years, consumers have become more interested in the foods and flavors of other parts of the world. Millennials, in particular, are becoming more globally conscious citizens, and they want to experience other cultures. This trend has pushed Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian food into the spotlight in recent years. While those cuisines are not going anywhere anytime soon, 2018 will see a rise in Indian, Korean, Yemeni, Israeli, African, and Filipino food and flavors. Among the flavors getting the most buzz? Tamarind, a tangy fruit commonly featured in African cuisine, Zhug/Skhug, a spicy green hot sauce used in Yemeni and Israeli cuisine, and ube, a purple yam commonly featured in Filippino food.

In addition to seeing a rise in these particular ethnic foods, we’ll also see more ethnic fusion. While ethnic fusion has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years, expect to see more fearless food and flavor combos inspired by global cuisine. As consumers get more adventurous, so will the potential ethnic fusion combinations.

Flavors with Function

AdobeStock 157088477Health conscious consumers want their food to have a function. Therefore, functional flavors and spices will grow evermore popular in 2018. Spices that are touted for their health benefits, like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, will continue to see increases in 2018 as the demand for flavors that function increases. Similarly, matcha and activated charcoal will make their way into more products and menu items, as consumers are seeking these out for their potential health properties. For an increasing number of consumers, food isn’t just supposed to taste good; it’s also supposed to prevent diseases, provide energy and have healing properties.

Happy Hour Any Hour

AdobeStock 106225706In 2018, alcoholic beverage inspired flavors will be everywhere. From snacks to desserts to proteins, this trend picked up steam in 2017 and will rise to prominence in 2018, as consumers look for their favorite beverage flavors to be enjoyable at any time of day. Wine-inspired flavors, in particular, will see a boost this upcoming year.

Sophisticated Ingredients

Consumers, especially Millennials, are looking beyond familiar flavors and ingredients and seeking out more unique, sophisticated options. These consumers are adventurous and want to try new things – and a wide variety of new things. This trend is going beyond truffles and pink sea salt, as consumers are seeking unique flavor combinations and sophisticated ingredients. Even floral flavors are predicted to experience substantial growth in 2018, demonstrating the vast array of ingredients that consumers are interested in.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

At Fuchs, we have seasonings inspired by every season to help you figure out your next LTO or seasonal product line – and the taste trend research to back it up.

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

For more information about our market research, click or tap here.

Contact us today for customized Taste Trend research and more information about our custom seasoning solutions.

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