• Custom Seasonings & Flavor Solutions

    Custom Seasonings & Flavor Solutions

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  • Custom Product Solutions from the Fuchs R&D Team

    Custom Product Solutions from the Fuchs R&D Team

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  • Fuchs Opens New North American Headquarters

    Fuchs Opens New North American Headquarters

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  • African Inspiration

    African Inspiration

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The Right Taste Solution - Always

For over 75 years, we've been helping food companies solve seasoning challenges and delight their customers. We want to work with you, too. Together, let's achieve The Taste of Success!

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Our Commitment to You

Many suppliers promise creative menu solutions and quality products delivered on time and at a competitive price. But how many companies actually live up to those claims? At Fuchs North America, we  deliver on these promises – day in and day out. Read more ...

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About Us
About Fuchs North America, history, capabilities, production, quality, regulatory, Fuchs Group

History of Fuchs North America (Baltimore Spice)

Global Fuchs
Worldwide Fuchs Group, the global parent company of Fuchs North America

Fuchs' North American headquarters and facilities

Leadership Team
Leadership team (management team) of Fuchs North America

Careers at Fuchs North America, maker of commercial seasonings, seasoning blends, spices, functional ingredients

Fuchs' employee communication regarding weather conditions

Fuchs North America products including seasonings, seasoning blends, spices, herbs, capsicums, functional ingredients, organic products

Custom Seasonings and Seasoning Systems
Fuchs North America provides seasonings, seasoning blends and seasoning systems

Spices and Ingredients
Spices, herbs, functional ingredients and other food ingredients offered by Fuchs North America

Natural and organic seasonings, spices, herbs and other ingredients offered by Fuchs North America

Non–GMO Project
Fuchs' non–GMO project

Special Collections
Fuchs celebrates the rich vanity of flavors and foods in our special collections

Mediterranean Collection
We have captured the diversity of the Mediterranean Region in 10 delicious seasonings

Chef Inspirations and Recipes
Use items from the Mediterranean Collection to make delicious Lebanese Style Rice Pilaf, Moroccan Ras el Hanookies and other great recipes

Request Free Samples
Request free samples from the Mediterranean Collection

Latin Action Collection
10 thrilling taste sensations based on Latin culinary traditions

Chef Inspirations and Recipes
Create delectable dishes including Insane Chipotle Adobo Chicken Tacos and Cracked Coriander & Green Chili Pork Roast using Latin Action Collection seasonings

Request Free Samples
Request free samples from the Latin Action Collection

Coming Soon
Two new exciting seasoning collections and more on the way

Ready–Made Products
Fuchs' Ready–made products

Product Inquiry Form
Tell us about which items you are interested in using in your own collection

Customer Care
Fuchs North America customer service, research and development, R&D, market research, taste trend research, market intelligence, menu trends, culinary, food science, food technologists, flavor profiling, sample testing

Taste Trend Research
Consumer taste trend research and demand analysis provided by Fuchs North America as a service to customers

Executive Chef
Elizabeth Lindemer, Corporate Executive Chef, leads the Fuchs team of culinary experts

Customer Teams
Fuchs North America customer teams consisting of account managers, food scientsts and other R&D personnel, and customer service specialists

Product R&D
Research and development support from Fuchs North America’s technical experts helps customers achieve the best flavor profile for new and improved food products

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance
QA/QC and regulatory compliance activities of Fuchs North America

News & Events
News and information about Fuchs North America, including press releases and food industry activities

Latest News
Latest news and information about Fuchs North America, including press releases and food industry activities

Shows & Events
Upcoming shows and events featuring Fuchs North America, including trade shows, supplier nights and more

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Meet Elizabeth Lindemer

Fuchs’ Corporate Executive Chef

“As the chef for Fuchs North America, I have the opportunity to share my passion for food with our customers and help them overcome their culinary challenges every day.”

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Tastes & Trends Blog

Here's our look at what's fresh in food, flavors and seasonings! Check back weekly to get insights from our experts.

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Our New Facilities

Our New Facilities
Fuchs opens brand new North American corporate headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facilities.

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Join Us
Join us at Expo West in Anaheim, CA on March 8th through 10th! See details.

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