The Mediterranean Collection from Fuchs

The Mediterranean Region is the crossroad of three continents and countless cuisines. We’ve captured it all in the new Mediterranean Collection from Fuchs.

From Morocco and Sicily to Lebanon and the Greek Islands – and everywhere in between – our collection includes surprisingly delightful items that capture perfectly the rich diversity of the Mediterranean’s time-honored culinary traditions.

The 10 uniquely delicious items in the Mediterranean Collection include:

Algerian Style Acir Beverage Mix

You’ll find that our refreshing blend of lightly sweetened citrus beverage mix is perfect for a hot day. Simply blend with water, garnish with a twist of sliced orange, sit back and enjoy! Make it more of an adult treat by adding a splash of vodka!

Egyptian Style Dukkah

Quickly becoming an international favorite, this Egyptian condiment is blend of buttery seeds and fragrant spices. Simply mix in with a bit of olive oil to use as a dip for pitas or toasty bread, or have fun using it as a crusting for chicken and fish or sprinkling over a salad.

Lebanese Style Rice Pilaf Seasoning

Our creation incorporates array of aromatic spices and flavorful seasoning, carefully chosen to highlight the diverse influences found throughout Lebanon.

Marrakesh Style Grill Rub

This rub represents a dynamic blend of flavors from around the Mediterranean such as fragrant spices, aromatic garlic and onion, bright citrus plus a touch a honey. You’ll find it perfect for grilled or roasted meats … and even as a finishing touch for sides and vegetables.

Moroccan Style Ras el Hanout Spice Blend

The name in Arabic means “head of the shop” and refers to an intermingling of the finest spices a store would have to offer. We’ve taken this perfumed and distinct blend of sweet and savory spices one step further by making it organic certifiable.

Sician Style Tomato, Fennel and Olive Sauce Base

This sauce base traces the many different cultures that influence the island of Sicily with the flavor of robust red tomatoes, aromatic fennel and the vividness of olives.

Syrian Style Za’atar Spice Blend

This traditional blend of dried herbs and spices is popular through the Middle East and North African countries that border the Mediterranean basin. Our blend, which consists of aromatic herbs with rich sesame and vibrant sumac, is sure to become a mainstay on your table.

Tunisian Style Charmoula Seasoning

Tunisia’s coastal shore and integral use of seafood has inspired us to create this traditional herby condiment. We’ve laced fragrant herbs with aromatic spices and savory garlic, finishing it with a bright touch of lemon that represents the beautiful “sun cuisine.”

Turkish Style Köfte Seasoning

This Non-GMO project verified seasoning blend contains sweet-scented herbs, alluring spices and a touch of sweet and savory notes that are showcased throughout diverse Turkish cuisine.

Zeus’ Own Tzatziki Snack Seasoning

We’ve taken the inspiration of this traditional Greek sauce that’s comprised of creamy yogurt, perfumed garlic, cool cucumber and fragrant dill and translated it into a snack seasoning that adds a vibrant flavor to pita chips, potato chips, popcorn and more.